Thursday, October 3, 2013

batik tulis

last week i went on a field trip with mary's school.  we went to a batik house.  batik is the traditional fabric here and much of it is factory made these days, but they still have "batik tulis" which means written batik.  each 2 yards of fabric is unique and created by hand.  it's a really cool process and unbelievably long!

the first step is someone drawing the design on the fabric with a pencil.  

then there is a series of wax applying and dying the fabric.  this fabric is at the beginning of the process, the fabric hasn't been dyed and is getting its first application of wax.  the women sit in a circle around a little pot of hot wax and fill their little "pens" with hot wax and draw the design.  that thing on her lap is  for all of the excess hot wax. 

below is another circle of women but their fabric has already been dyed once.  now they reapply wax where they want the first color to be preserved... and it will be dyed again.  i don't understand it all but i know it is tedious and beautiful.

this is the room with big pools of dye.  you can't really see anything because it was so dark but i love that you can see the splashed colors all over the walls.

then mary and her classmates got to make their own batik.  **notice a bit of the finished product behind the glass**  they drew a design on their fabric... 

then they got to use the hot wax pens also.  it was hard for mary because she didn't get that if she didn't keep moving the pen all of the wax would drip in one place... so she has a few big globs of wax.  

most of the kids were "assisted" like this, but mary wasn't into assistance... surprise, surprise.  i have an independent american kid.  :)  the women were so nice there and so friendly as they helped the kids.  it was a really neat experience!

then their fabric was dyed.  i'm not sure what the final product will look like.  mary hasn't brought it home yet.  it was a really cool experience and though the kids probably didn't understand just how labor intensive and amazing this process is, i did.  and i really liked seeing it!  and now i feel okay spending $15 on two yards of "batik tulis"fabric rather than $7 on the factory stuff.  :)

and lastly, here is mary with her sweet teacher, miss merie.  mary loves her teachers.  she has always quickly attached to them and adored them.  it's probably a good thing because otherwise i'm pretty sure each and every school drop off would be torture.  so, we're thankful for miss merie and the other teachers that mary loves so much!!

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