Saturday, January 25, 2014

ahh, green space

in chiang mai we stayed at this wonderful place that was on a bunch of acres-- there was a big playground, paddle boats, a little zoo and beautifully kept gardens.  it was so nice to be in green space!  

on our last day there we did a lot of the activities.  danny went in the freezing cold swimming pool and we went paddle boating.  the paddle boats were clearly not made for a daddy and a little girl.  maybe danny and mary weren't the best paddle boat partners.  :)  

our buddies, mj and maya

luke and his buddy, jakin

we did a lot of playing on the playground.  it was so fun for our kids.  playgrounds are not plentiful in indonesia and if they do exist they are rough.  like holes in the slides and broken ladders.  so, this playground was awesome for us!

my gangster kid.  he got that blue hat from a friend at school for his birthday (it says "kidd rock").  secretly, i think it's cute when he wears it and he loves to wear it!  he always wants to put it on before we go outside… and he always wears it cocked.  :)  

feeding the fish.  

so thankful for the beautiful, green space to have some good family time.  and, i realize i have almost no pictures of the green space i'm thankful for.  but, i promise there were huge, beautifully manicured gardens that you could easily walk through for an hour.  and there were tons of bushes shaped as different animals.  so fun for the kids!

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