Thursday, January 23, 2014

thailand and ugly elephants

we just got back from thailand.  we had a really great time and have very few photos to show for it.  we spent a week of that time being refreshed at a conference with new and old friends.  it was great!  

we had a few days on both ends to see the sights of chiang mai.  can i just say, i love chiang mai!?!  i mean, the western food is so plentiful.  i couldn't really get over all of the amazing food options.  we ate mexican.  yum.  

besides the food, we saw some elephants.  i don't think i ever realized how very ugly elephants are.  here is danny trying to help mary be brave… which she was very NOT brave.  she liked to look at them from afar.  

 this is how i felt about being close to the elephants.  i really was trying to brave but when it came down to it… well, i did not want that thing to touch me.  they were all behind these bars but they hugged people with their trunks.  our friends have a video of my reaction when the elephant touched me from behind.  lets just say, i know where mary gets her bravery… or lack there of.  :)  

our sweet friends that we went with.

here are the tricks they did.  

first, just to climb on the elephant… that was a trick in my mind.  

they played soccer and basketball… luke's two favorite things.

they also played the harmonica.  

and painted.  you could buy the paintings after the show.  kind of funny… but i was pretty impressed with their art work.  

lastly, did you know that the trunk of elephants are like two big fingers they use to grab things?  i didn't know that until i moved to asia and actually fed an elephant… maybe i just missed something in school but it was new info to me.  check out that grip.  weird, huh?  

more photos of thailand to come...

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