Wednesday, May 7, 2014

project 52-- week 17

ISO 400, f3.5, 1/125, 50mm

yesterday the kids were playing in the street in front of our house… i ran inside to put dinner in the oven (but could see them from the window).  i come out and they were excitedly yelling, "we found a baby frog!"  i was excited because, though i would never want to touch a baby frog, i hope they will be braver than me.  so i was encouraging it… until i got up closer.  

OH, that's NOT a frog.  get away from it!!!  it was a baby bat!  and it was so sick looking.  it was about 6 inches from where the kids were playing in a puddle and doing sidewalk chalk.  it was only a little bit bigger than a quarter.  it was hurt or maybe just brand new so it couldn't really walk.  

so, i got out my camera and took a few shots to document our find.  i've never done a macro photo but figured this was a good chance to try it out since my subject was a bit handicapped.  :)  for the photographers, i used these macro filters that i bought for about $15… just thought i'd give "macro" a try without having to commit to buying a new lens.  they are kind of fun and i won't be buying a macro lens anytime soon.  not my thing.  but, if it were, i could stay busy for months photographing the bugs in my house.

so here is our baby bat… who was gone the next day.  eaten my our friendly rats, i'm sure.  

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