Tuesday, May 6, 2014

soccer with the big boys.

luke loves soccer.  he loves all sport, really.  but basketball and soccer are his favorite… but we're really hoping that basketball stays number 1.  

if he ever sees kids playing, even if they are teenagers, he sits on the edge and watches… until they notice him and invite him to play.  they love seeing him kick it hard and get so into the game.  he is serious when he plays.  with his little tongue out and twisted.  :)  

as you can tell, he has no lack of self confidence (though lack of self-control is a different story!).  :)  he goes right up to those boys, as if they are the same size as him, and challenges them to play.  i think it's hilarious.  this has helped him win the hearts of many boys around us.  whenever we are out on a walk we hear "lukey" countless times.  there are always boys out playing or riding their bikes and they all know luke.

and this is what the poor big sister does when luke is playing.  look at that face!  i had tried to entertain her with making collections of leaves and then making them into the letters of our names.  but, it only lasted so long.  it's a constant struggle when luke finds people playing soccer or basketball.  he could play all day… and mary wants to go home after 3 minutes.  and then she pouts… and i take a picture of it.  :)  

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June Doran said...

Needs a little playmate to keep her busy. ;)