Thursday, May 8, 2014

things i love about indonesia

i chatted with these people for awhile and i loved watching them interact.  they were so funny together.  it's 4:30ish and they're just hanging out.  it's the time of day that people go walking or sit outside their houses and just visit.  i was out with my neighbors just a few hours ago.  it's something i love about indonesia.   there are a lot of things i love about indonesia in this photo.  i love that indonesians just hang out, i love that indonesians are quick to smile and joke, i love that their neighbors are really neighbors, caring for one another.  and i love that it's totally acceptable for anyone over the age of 30 to wear those bright colored nightgowns all the time.  it's an indonesian moo-moo and i've grown to love them.  sometimes i want to buy one just to see what kind of reactions i'd get… i'm sure danny would love it too.  

the woman on the right couldn't speak… she grunted and made noises that miraculously all of the neighbors around her understood.  she's one of them and interacts just like the rest of them.  it was neat to see how they communicated with her.  i'm not sure if this is just her neighbor or a relative but she soon as she walked up their faces lit up.  

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This is absolutely fantastic. Good post.
Aaron Kook