Friday, May 2, 2014

project 52-- week 16

ISO 400, f3.5, 1/200, 17-50mm (17mm)

today i went out with the sole purpose to photograph… alone.  :)  i rarely get the opportunity but i love it every time.  honestly i was so nervous!  i've been wanting to enter this little strip of houses along the rail road tracks for months but i've been so intimidated.  i finally got up the courage to walk up and ask if i could "main" which basically means hang out.  

this little dirt path that i was walking along is basically like their living room… it's where the kids play, where they eat their meals and where they just hang out.  you can imagine the awkwardness i was feeling as people from every direction watched me hesitantly approach.  i would love to be in these people's minds as i walked up, but whatever weirdness they were thinking of me didn't show.  they warmly welcomed me.  i sat down and chatted with a few different groups of people.  every time i do something like this i love indonesia a little more.  it could be because people here are just so friendly but i feel like there is more to it.  i think i love it a little more because i see more of what Jesus loves here.  my God loves these people and if Jesus were still on earth He'd be walking that path and calling them by name, looking into their eyes and giving them love and value.  i remember one of my favorite teachers speaking about the "three mile per hour God".  check out the short excerpt here.  it is humbling that we have a God like this and it's challenging as i think about my daily life.  what i did was nothing deep and spiritual… i just hung out with these people.  but i hope that when i go back and bring the photos i took of them they will feel a bit known and valued by me and, more importantly, God.

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