Wednesday, October 15, 2014

idul adha 1435

last week muslims all across the world celebrated idul adha.  it is the remembrance of God providing an animal for Abraham to sacrifice in place of his son. the morning starts with a corporate prayer time and then the sacrifice takes place.  here is a little look into the day.  

warning… these are graphic images.  

after the animals are sacrificed, they are cleaned, cut and divided by the men.  inside there is a group of women dividing the meat into 2lb bags to give to those in need.  there are families watching and kids playing with the goats. it's a full community event.

luke had the role of giving every goat their "last supper"… he loved feeding them and chatting with the people there.  

our kids actually watched a cow being sacrificed this year.  it gruesome but it's reality here.  they know that animals were sacrificed in the Old Testament and they know about the sacrifice of Jesus.  we were able to talk about what it meant for Jesus to be called the Lamb of God; He was the last and perfect sacrifice from God, for the forever forgiveness of our sins.  the reality is my sin put me in a place to receive death, but instead Jesus was sacrificed on humanities' behalf so that we all may have life.  we have much to be thankful for.  

that evening we had dinner with some of our friends who received the 2lbs of meat.  this is the only day of the year they make sate (grilled meat).  they don't have the traditional sate grill so they used some stones/bricks to make one.  usually the charcoal is fanned the entire time the meat is grilling, so they plugged a fan in on one side and fanned the other side with old plywood.  i think their set up is pretty creative.  :)  these photos aren't amazing, but i wanted to show the ending to the day… and where we usually hang out with our friends.  

the boys playing… 

luke and alif helping fanning the flames.

and then i put my camera away and enjoyed a stick of meat with friends.  :)  

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