Friday, October 10, 2014

mimi and papa have come and gone...

mimi and papa came last month and it was such a fun time.  i am so thankful that my parents come here so frequently… my kids absolutely LOVE the time with them.  

we went to taman safari, which is always fun.  my parents get to be the brave souls to take pictures with these animals.  so glad they got to do it rather than me.  way to go, mimi!  i couldn't get a photo in focus because i was so shaky and worried that little cat was going to go after my babies.  :)

mimi and papa were playing games with luke while waiting for the dolphin show… he couldn't figure out who was tapping his shoulder.  nice work, mimi.  

and then he proudly showed me his booger.  he's so gross. 

we did a little dental clinic in my bedroom one day.  fixed a few of our neighbor's teeth and then one of mine.  luke also gave mimi a routine physical.  

we also went to a village around mount bromo to run a 10k.  it was one of my favorite weekends last year and i convinced my dad how fun it was.  well, i got sick the day before and i wasn't able to run it.  sad!  but, the kids loved walking around the village and giving the runners high fives as they ran by.  

we also fit in a few yummy dinners out.  i really wanted to get pictures of my kids with mimi and papa this visit because i always regret not having more.  here is mary trying to convince luke to get in the picture.  i love her little face, she is such a mama to him.  she is also wearing a special necklace.  these are pearls that my grandmother gave me when i was younger.  mary knows they are from my grandma and are very special to me.  occasionally when she dresses up she asks if she can wear the special pearls.  thanks, grandma jb.  i love to see my little girl wear something special from you!  :)

mary and her best friend, mimi.  :)

and then we said goodbye.  luke has always been in love with papa and usually wants to be with him… but the last few days mimi won his heart.  it was so sweet.  here he is smashing his face against hers trying to make her laugh.  he's such a ham!  

luke is my emotional guy… it was the first time i think he understood that they were leaving and he wouldn't see them for awhile.  he teared up a few times later that day thinking of them… it was so sweet.  thanks for coming mom and dad!  we miss you and can't wait to see you again!  

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June Doran said...

so fun! I love reading the blog. Gives me a little glimpse of life there. =)