Monday, May 4, 2009

Meeting Mary's Friends: Charis

Lisa and I thought it would be fun to have a series of posts introducing everyone to Mary's friends from church. Since we have an incredible amount of babies being born every year (there have been 4 this calendar year, with 7 more to go before October- and who knows if there are more we don't know about), Mary will have the opportunity to have many friends to play with. So, we'll introduce you to them over time, mostly as we collect pictures with everyone together.

Our good friends, the Neaves, had a baby girl, Charis, 2 days before Mary was born. It was an exciting week for us as we had the pleasure of rejoicing with our good friends, Matt and Pam. Here's a picture of Mary (she's on the right, in case you forgot what she looks like) and Charis' first meeting when they were both about a week old (you can see more of the Neaves at their family blog):

This past Sunday we had a baby dedication at our church service. Matt and Pam (and their son, Gideon, who will be 2 very soon) were standing next to us during the ceremony. Yes, that's a burp cloth hanging out my back pocket, and no, Matt and I are not having a beard contest.

We are both so thankful that God has placed Matt and Pam in our lives. They are wonderful friends, great role models as parents and manage to serve awesome meals that don't involve red meat. We look forward to seeing how little Mary and Charis grow up together over the years to come.

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Neave said...

Gee, thanks, guys! How fun to get a blog tribute and what sweet words. Good idea introducing all of Mary's buddies. Are there really that many babies being born this year?? Crazy!