Thursday, January 13, 2011


welcome to our house. this is taken from our front door and in front of me are the 4 stairs and walkway out of our house. what? you can't tell that's a walk way? :)

here is mary touching snow for the first time... before the blizzard. she thought it was pretty cool and wanted to stick her finger in it every time we walked to the car.

ready to go play in the blizzard! yeah, those are plastic bags taped around her legs. we decided not to purchase the snow suit and boots since we're moving to indonesia in a few months.... which was a good decision since she wanted to come inside after all of 7 minutes in the snow.

she wasn't that excited about not being able to move her legs because the snow was up to her little thunder thighs.

...but she loved the snow balls i made for her!

poor danny had to shovel for a LONG time! not sure if you can tell, but it's up to his waist here!

all the while, luke was staying all warm and swaddled in doors.

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