Monday, January 3, 2011

our little Luke

We are back in Boston!!! Florida was wonderful but we are happy to be back home in Boston. I think Mary really misses her Mimi and Papa (and I think this because she mentions them about 19 times a day). Danny went back to work today, leaving me home alone for the first time with two kids. It actually was a really great day! Luke napped wonderfully, Mary played independently parts of the day and was sweet to her baby brother... I am a happy mama. God has reminded me again and again that He will give me all that I need during this life changing time of transition (preparing for our move to Indonesia with two children). Today was a very peaceful day at home with my kids and I'm thankful for the presence of God that brought that peace. God gave me all that I need today.

So, about LUKE... my little mister. He is doing very well these days! He is doing the usual newborn things... eating, sleeping and getting a whole lot of kisses from his big sister. Luke is a sweet little guy; he's much more cuddly than Mary was but he also can scream much better than Mary ever did. :) He has had a fussy time almost every evening the last three weeks... but the past two nights he has actually gone to sleep in his "bed" (which will be pictured soon) from 9pm-11pm. Danny and I have had a few quiet hours together and it's been great!

He looks SO much like Mary!!! I'm pretty sure I won't be able to tell their baby pictures apart in a few years! We'll do a comparison soon.

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