Thursday, January 6, 2011

wakey wakey luke

Here is Luke's bed... yes, it is an "under the bed" tupperware. We have a really small place and are moving in a few months so we didn't want to get another real bed. He will have a real bed when we visit Mimi and Papa... and when we have our new home in Indonesia. He doesn't know a tupperware isn't normal. And, his bed is moved to the dining room when we are sleeping.... he grunts too loud to be in our room.

We have always told Mary that to wake us up (when we're pretending to sleep... it's a fun game for her) she has to give us a kiss. So, here she is waking up her baby brother.

Oh, and Luke is the top picture and Mary is the bottom in the last post... the hair line definitely gives it away!


Becs said...

The hairline gave it away, but although the features look nearly identical there is a softer, more feminine quality to Mary's in the picture. Hard to explain.

lisa said...

the hair line does give it away. i hope luke gets some more hair one day! :) and, i appreciate that you think mary looks more feminine... i agree.