Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my toys!?!

we are moved into our new house and so thankful for it.  it's been a week now and we're feeling a little more settled by the day.  i felt like shopping was my part time job for about 2 weeks, but thankfully it's slowing down.  note: shopping is not quite as easy for me here... not being able to communicate with anyone can be problematic.  we've had to have a lot of help.

blurry and in motion... dancing to the toy's music.  i love the expression!

mary is very happy to finally be at our "new house!"  the day before we moved in i took her over to the house to let her see her bin of toys.  she hadn't seen them since mid-june and i don't think she knew they were coming back, so she was SO excited.  she played with tons of toys and read all of her books.  it was really a special moment for me.   

for some reason it was hardest for me to think about mary and how she feels as we left boston and all that was normal to us.  so, i brought as many of her things as possible (hooded towels, her quilt, a special painting she had on her wall, and HER TOYS!).  here she is dancing to her "music dog," one of her favorite toys from my bff's mom.  she got it over a year ago and still loves it... that's a long time for a kid's toy.  

side note:  i realize she's only two and won't remember any of this, but she has definitely noticed it now.  she's doing much better than the first week we arrived in indonesia.  that was a doozy!  

more pictures to come of life in indonesia... as soon as the internet gets going at home.  it's been great so far!


Kathy said...

Soooo glad to hear from you!! We are praying for you all!!!

carrie said...

ah! this is just pure joy. such a sweet image. so glad your heart and your little ones are being taken care of ... we are praying!

karen said...

Mary looks so tall...It's only been like 4 weeks. She can't grow without me :(