Saturday, January 19, 2013

dental clinic

our schedule has been a little crazy lately!  my parents came in town but my dad is only here for one week... a week that was full of dental work.  we set up a clinic at our language school and worked on our teacher's teeth all week.  i was his assistant/translator most of the time.  i had fun and learned a lot... and realized how exhausting dental work can be (maybe especially in our conditions)!  my parents both have done so much to help and serve our friends here, and we're thankful!  

i only pulled the camera out once... just didn't have much time.  so, here are a few shots of our "clinic".  

this is the whole room.  we have all of our equipment on the tables, the "sterilizing" process on the desks, and the portable dental for all of our patients.  usually when we've gone to the jungle we've done a ton of extractions and maybe a few fillings.  but, this week we did a lot of restorative work.  i got to learn how to do root canals, crowns, and we even did a bridge of a guy's three front teeth.  wish we had before and after pictures... it looks great!  

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