Friday, January 4, 2013

we love sate!

we are not a huge "eat off of the side of the road" kind of family... but there is one exception.  we love sate on jalan kawi (the name of a road in our city).  i have recently decided it is one of my top three favorite places to go to eat as a family.  

this is the guy that cooks the chicken on the stick (called sate) on the sidewalk.  there is a little seating area behind him; it has white walls, a ton of smoke and about 13 calendars on the wall.  we still don't know what the deal is with all of the calendars.  :)  

the reason i love this place you ask?  they have one option for food... chicken sate.  you just say how many you want and the food comes fresh off the grill in about 4 minutes.  amazing for small children.  reason #2 i love it, my kids love the food.  i don't have to do any forcing to eat and that is just amazing these days.  luke has eaten a record of 11 sticks but usually averages around 8... mind you, i eat 10.  :) and reason #3, the food is amazing!  the chicken is served with a peanut sauce that is to die for!  

oh, and reason #4... we eat for about $2 a person.  

mary prefers to eat her rice like a true indonesian, with her hands.  :)  

**sorry for the terrible quality of photos... i was taking the pictures with my phone in a dark and smokey room.  :)  

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Janna said...

YUMMY!!! I LOVE satay!! :)