Sunday, January 27, 2013

family basketball

here is a glimpse of one of our favorite weekend activities.  the international school (where i help coach the basketball team) is about 1.5 miles away.  we pack the stroller up and walk up the hill... yes, it is almost ALL uphill... then we play basketball or run or whatever for an hour or two.  exercise for us and good time with the family.  win, win.  

here's a video of us running.  don't mind me looking like a total dweeb running... mary is convinced that running fast means flailing all limbs about, so that is what i did.  i love that at the very end luke yells, "yes, i win!" just like mary.  

living in indonesia, we have to do everything we can to keep our kids from becoming soccer players (a sport danny and i are not overly fond of).  so, we provide ample time to learn the wonderful game of basketball.  :)

danny and luke dribbling together

danny showing luke how to set up to shoot a jumper... luke totally has a one handed shot and tries to flick his wrist at the end!  it doesn't go more than one foot forward but hopefully we won't be correcting a two handed shot in 8 years.  :)

mary practicing her dribbling skills with danny on defense

me practicing my dribbling skills while they try to get the ball... 

luke's love of " lukey get it" has really improved my skills  :)

mary going in for the layup... with pretty good form, i might add.  too bad the ball comes flying forward instead of toward the hoop.  :)  one day, mary.  

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