Thursday, January 24, 2013

lazy day...

we've been pretty busy lately with random things and i haven't posted much.  but, today was a nice lazy day at home.  i mean, i got out of my pjs and took at shower at 5:30pm... and put clean sleep clothes back on.  :)  and my kids did the same.  luckily, my sleep cloths are a little less obvious than theirs so our guests didn't see me in an elmo outfit.  

the morning started with our sweet neighbors coming over at 8:30am.  they stop by all of the time on days off school and we love it.  they played for about 4 hours but i only have this picture to show for it. we love these kids!

all of the kids then played outside with water (buckets and ladles again) and then it started to rain.  luke loved playing in the rain with water.  mary and luke were wet so the rest of the pictures they are without pants (or cloths at all for luke).  they stayed that way until they bathed before bed.  it's hot here! :)  

then mimi made these amazing three layer mint brownies.  yummy!  she had very helpful helpers... as most 2 and 3 year olds are in the kitchen.  

i'm pretty sure the top reason my kids like to help with baking is so that they can eat the sugar, dough, icing, etc.  here, they're finishing up licking the beaters clean.  

we also took the christmas tree down.  we have another very helpful helper!   

that's his so proud face as he actually got a branch off!  

then the kids made dinosaurs using card stock and toilet paper rolls.  i've been saving our toilet paper rolls for a long time.  i've now done three crafts with them and i think they're almost gone... until tomorrow.  today i asked mary what she wanted to make and she said a dinosaur.  so, we went on pintrest together and i let her choose what she wanted to make (assuming we had the supplies).  i've never done that but it was actually really fun.  i liked having her choose the craft.  she had vision for it from the beginning... sometimes i think it's hard for her to picture what we're actually doing.  anyways, i'll be doing that again.  

and here is our finished product.  mary's is on the right, mimi helped her with some of the coloring, obviously.  luke's is on the left... and he made that beauty all by himself!  :)

two other things not pictured.  my friend, vera, came over and hung out most of the afternoon.  we had tortillas with cheese and salsa... something new for her.  i really enjoy having her around.  secondly, my mom cooked a great dinner for us!  we found ricotta cheese at our grocery store (definitely have never had it here before) so she used it to make lasagna.  it was delicious and a great change from rice and chicken.  :)  thanks, mom!

oh, the reason every one was home and not a school/work... today is a national holiday.  muhammad's birthday.  if only you all could hear the mosques singing now... they are loud!  i just hope my poor mom can sleep through it tonight! 

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