Wednesday, March 13, 2013

dirt play

dirt + water = fun

luke kept filling up that little tea pitcher over and over again... and each time about half of it landed on the floor.  but, look at those chubby, dirty hands.  i just love them. 

they were planting seeds, serious business.  

after they played in the dirt they wanted to play dress up.  i resisted taking pictures of eli is his tutu (for you, ben) but i will gladly share luke showing off his pink.  we have many pictures of my little brother dressed in dresses, bonnets, and jewelry... and he's very manly now.  luke has enough basketball skills and hits mary enough to prove his manhood.  :)

mary gazing affectionately at the peanut butter on her finger.  a girl after my own heart.  

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Sarah said...

Oh the chubby little fingers delicately holding the tiny pink cup! So cute.