Thursday, March 21, 2013

monyee the monyet

this week it was mary's turn to bring the class mascot home.  

meet monyee the monyet (monkey, in indonesian)

we were supposed to take pictures of monyee around the house doing normal things with mary (i think?).... and that is what i did.  i will print them out soon and she'll report to her class.  thought i'd share our time with monyee on here.  

eating cereal with monyee
kissing monyee on the back porch
this is the best one.  what are mary and monyee doing, you wonder?  oh, just guarding the tomb of Jesus... until He rises three days later.  that wooden thing on the stone (read booster chair) is the sign that says keep away.  her new thing is role playing the resurrection story of Jesus.  usually, she's the soldier, but she always assures me that she's a good soldier.  we read the Bible almost every night, but i will say, i think a lot of her Bible knowledge/obsession is from her nest entertainment videos.  
reading at night with daddy.  that's the Bible we read and we really love it (if you're in the market for a new kid's Bible).  it's the Big Picture Story Book Bible.  through all of the stories it weaves the promise of a Savior, the restoration of the people and place of God and God's promise to bless all nations of the earth.  
mary reading to monyee.  this is a Bible too... which i would not recommend.  but, mary actually calls this her "schedule book" and usually looks to see when her guitar practice or school time is.  where did she get that idea?  not sure.  but usually guitar practice comes right around 8pm.... bed time.  :)  
mary, luke and monyee helping me make zucchini bread.  i hope that they still want to "help" in the kitchen when their "help" would actually be helpful.  :)  usually takes me four times as long and twice the mess... but they LOVE pulling the chairs up and helping me.  i look it as an activity for the kids, not something i have to get done quickly.  :)
there's life with mary and monyee (which by the way is what luke has called mary until about 3 weeks ago).   :)


Neave said...

Cute photos! By the way, we got that "Color Me" house, as you recommended, and I laughed to see yours is in about the same shape ours is! We just talked about having to fold it up tonight... =)

Alland Dharmawan said...

Very cute! You're a really great photographer, Lisa! I really need to learn from you.

Emily said...

Mary is so funny! Such a personality! Love her schedule book. She is a busy lady.