Sunday, March 31, 2013

jumping the waves

we went to bali last week for a regional conference.  it was such a great time to get away, be fed and encouraged by the Word and have fun with our family.  honestly, luke was pretty terrible most of the time.... as he has been for about three weeks.  he sobs if i leave his side and sometimes he sobs and i have no idea why.  so, i went in pretty drained and had some low moments there.  he would wake up and sob for 15-45 minutes with no obvious cause (accept that i later discovered he had three new teeth).  i would lay with him and try to comfort him but the crying and thrashing didn't stop.  i was at my end and unfortunately it often showed in my attitude towards him.  

this conference wasn't about strategy or anything concerning indonesia, it was solely for the care of our souls.  and it was so refreshing for me.  it's been a long season of unknowns and cultural difficulties and it was topped off by a few very rough weeks with luke.  God spoke His peace to me, He spoke words of encouragement, He gave us a new vision for the day to day difficulties we've been facing.  we're in a battle and we need to cry out to the One who is always victorious.  it was a perspective that we desperately need as we look forward here.  

He also spoke to me about luke.  i have a Father who is slow to anger and abounding in love.  God knows that these days aren't easy and He is merciful and compassionate towards me in them.  He also enables me to be merciful, slow to anger and abounding in love towards my kids... because that is who He is to me.  i know these things, but sometimes i just need the Holy Spirit to say it again to me.  
i don't really know how to photography scenery at all and this picture doesn't do it justice.  it was beautiful!

our kids went to "school" most days (thanks child care workers!!!) and we went to our sessions.  we had a great group of people from tx come to share with us.  we also did a lot of fun things in our free time....

we went to the beach.  danny started jumping the "waves" with our kids, which was a huge hit.  do you see that massive wave that mary and danny are jumping?!?  that is a pretty good picture of mary's level of love for adventure... :)

we had dinner on the beach

luke played balinese music every morning on our way of out breakfast

we did a lot of swimming, which i have no photos of because i was in the pool... but here is us ready to go swimming.  :)

danny had a plate of bacon every morning.  bacon is hard to find (and really expensive) on our island because it's primarily muslim.  but, bali is primarily hindu so the bacon is plentiful.  :)

we also went to a water park... which i intend to not do again for another 5 years.  it's just not that much fun for our kids, since they prefer to not have their faces splashed with water.  :)  

...and finally luke crashed.  i love sleeping babies.  i mean, i love them when they are awake too, but i love holding him while he sleeps.  :)

tomorrow i'll post more about bali... some of our good friends from America just happened to be vacationing at our same hotel!  a gift from God.

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