Sunday, March 3, 2013

we need some joy!

we've had some rough days around the house lately. the last four days our kids have whined at a whole new level.  mary had some of the worst fits ever and luke bursts out in tears over nothing.  i know this is just a speck of difficulty in the grand scheme of things, but in the moment we can feel really defeated.

today we desperately needed something to bring the mood up in our home.  so, we pulled out the "jumping bed" as the kids call it.  we used to have it in our living room always, but it's been away for months.  they were so happy to have the jumping bed back... and SO WAS I!  :)

they played on it on and off for the rest of the day and danny wrestled them after dinner.  it was so fun and just what our family needed.  fun together! 

look at that jump from luke... and amazingly enough he usually lands on his feet.   

that little look on luke's face is dangerous... he's going in for the kill... 

and there is the tackle!  which usually ends in tears from someone.

then luke decided he wanted to take a rest on mary.  sweet boy.  he is such a lover (and a fighter)!  side note: luke is laying on mary's "nice side."  wonder what the "nice side" is?  well, it originated from my stomach.  mary would come up and lay her head on my stomach and tell me she wanted the "nice" side (read: squishy side).  i tell you what, she knows how to make a mama feel good.  

i'm thankful that God's mercies are new every morning.  i'm thankful that i am mary and luke's mom, even when they have terrible attitudes.  i'm thankful that i have a heavenly Father that is love to me; even when my attitude is terrible and i have no gratitude in my heart, He loves me.  i'm so thankful that He is gracious, unendingly gracious to me.  i'm thankful that He always gives us sweet moments of joy (even when i'm not looking for them) that remind of me His love and thoughtfulness towards me.   

-mary got up early today and sat with me as i prayed... i played with her hair and prayed out loud as she listened.  it was so peaceful and precious to be with my little girl.  and honestly, it helped me focus so much!  i wasn't rushing thinking about what i had to do next, i was just sitting with mary and praying.  and mary was so still and didn't talk to me (which is a real rarity these days!), she was just with me.

-luke usually says "bodoh" for the word "thankful" when we talk at dinner.  tonight, when danny was answering luke's question about thankfulness danny said "i'm bodoh for..." and luke stopped, "no, daddy not say bodoh!" and then he tried to say thankful and it was hilarious.  not funny at all as i write it, so it's okay if you don't laugh.  all four of us were dying in laughter at the dinner table... and we needed it.

-tonight we had music on while the kids were playing on the jumping bed.  danny and i started dancing together (i know, aren't we cute?!?)  :)  every single time we try to dance luke ends up in a full out hysterical sob.  he doesn't like it at all!  this time, mary saw us first and pointed in delight (which is also rare) and luke followed her emotions of excitement.  they started giggling and thought it was fun we were dancing together.  i was proud of mary who led luke into joy, rather than sobbing.  i was also thankful that danny and i could have a little fun together.  

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