Tuesday, March 12, 2013

what fills our days...

here's our life as of late... i have been lazy with the camera but the good old cell phone is always around.  so, here's everyday life by the phone.  

i don't know where she learned that licking the beaters was okay?!?
mary hanging out with the basketball girls... my kids love these girls!

he's a stud.  that's all.  

train time!
love these two.
luke hiding behind mary when he heard the motorcycles come.  i was right there to provide protection but he chose mary.  cute.  

an afternoon walk on our street... 

luke petting the rooster... we go looking for chickens in the little neighborhood behind our house on most of our walks.  we also buy crackers from the sweet little lady that sells them out of her house.  

craft time before dinner.  i have to confess, it was a genius idea.  they loved it.  the beauty of it was that it is a new activity and that i was there on the floor with them the whole time... so i'm save this for those "special" times (read: exhausting parenting days) when i need a mood booster for the family.   

happy birthday to our favorite friend, vera!  

my kids love having her around our home and we loved celebrating her.
an update from the last post regarding the need of joy.  we are doing better around the pierce home, but still not fabulous.  today the electricity was off from about 2-5pm (it's dark inside the house by that time during rainy season because it's so overcast).  that makes for hard afternoons.  i needed to get out of the house and get luke into a different scene to snap him out of his terribly pathetic mood.  the boy wakes up on the wrong side of the bed after naps sometimes... and it makes me crazy!  i took him on a run in the rain and he loved it.  he loved getting wet and he loved looking at the "bee-yuck" (that's "big trucks") that pass us.  it was a win for us.  then, after dinner the attitudes shifted down again so danny played trains with luke and i read to mary for 45 minutes.  the girl loves her some books and now i know more about spot than i ever wanted to.  all was well again and we had a good evening!   thank you, Jesus!

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