Saturday, June 28, 2014

fun friends!

here's a brief look at our time with the phillips.  i got to fly to jakarta to help joy and her 4 kids get to surabaya… 4 jet lagged kids on a flight by herself in a country she doesn't speak the language… i bet she could have done it because she's superwoman like that, but i decided it would be better if i could help her (travis stayed in jakarta for a day to check the city out).  here they are walking from the flight.  we walk to our planes in indonesia… so cute with all the girls.

it's been awhile since i've been with her kids so i didn't feel like i knew them that well… but i did know that emmy was a riot and i couldn't wait to see her funny personality in action.  within a few minutes of being on the flight, she started taking selfies with the random indonesian woman beside her.  hilarious!  she was also talking to all of the kids at the airport, completely oblivious that they didn't speak her language.  i love her.

a few afternoons we had our friends over to our neighborhood to let them see what our 'normal' is.  walking to the court… 

i took all of the kids on motorcycle rides around the neighborhood.  it was sweet.  i got to talk to each of them about indonesia, what they saw that was different and what they loved about what we call home.  i loved those few minutes connecting with each of them.  ellie was my favorite little girl before i had my own… so it was so fun seeing her as a big girl.  and, they loved the motorcycles!  :)

did a little dress up… 

a photo that will later be used at their rehearsal dinner slide show… 

did a lot of eating out and going around town with this crew in tow.  they did awesome! 

and we had one more 'normal' afternoon on our street.  mary did some coloring with john wesley… and our sweet neighbor, nenek mul, was checking out mary's art work.

the happy guy!

 the kids being greeted by one of our security guys (every neighborhood has them here).

i love these last two.  nenek mul playing with luke.  she is such a sweet lady to our kids… she's always laughing with them.  she includes them in whatever task she is doing outside (gardening, sweeping, cleaning), picks flowers for mary, gives them yummy treats.  we're so thankful for her (and nenek nanik, the relative she lives with) and the way they love our kids.  here she is pointing out that luke has two cowlicks… in javanese culture they believe if a person has two of them it means they are naughty.  they often explain luke's bad behavior on his cowlicks… if only it were that easy!  :)

and just to show how not normal our 'normal' is… he's one of the many people that rode by while we were playing.  he comes by every afternoon and i think he's so cute.  he's a barber.  you can see his little chair on the side of his bike and he has a little box on the back of his bike with his comb and scissors.  one of the things i love about indonesia…

so thankful for our time with these sweet friends.  these little girls are extra special to me because of their mama… i loved getting to know them and i so loved that my kids got so much time with them.  this is a special friendship that i pray will continue to grow.  we love you ellie, gracie, emmy and john wesley!  

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cowlicks = bad behavior, seems legit