Wednesday, June 25, 2014

our family party

tonight we had a family party.  mary said a few days ago she wanted to have a party for our family… with a special dessert, activities, balloons, dancing and decorations.  so tonight we had a family party.  we were celebrating that we love our little family and that daddy was done grading and had a few weeks off from teaching.  :)

we started the night with some home made pizza and as i was making the pizza the kids were coloring the 'signs' for the bedroom doors, indicating where our activities would be held.  after pizza we had brownies with icing and sprinkles and m&ms to make them extra special.  i mean, it was already extra special to me and danny because it was a box from america.  i love brownie boxes!!!  

then we moved on to luke's room for dancing.  our kids love to dance.  they chose the songs… we started with kari jobe's "i am not alone." it's a beautiful song that i have been listening to a lot (clearly) but danny and i thought it was hilarious they chose that for our dance music.  we did lyrical/worship dancing together.  they sang the words, eyes closed with their whole hearts "you will go before me, you will never leave me…"  so cute and funny.  they would randomly call for family hugs with these sweet smiles or tell me and danny to dance together because we love each other.  danny and i make eye contact from time to time laughing at our hilarious kids and savoring the sweet moments.  these are some of my favorite memories and we don't do it often enough.  i didn't take pictures of dancing (was embracing the moment) but this picture of luke pretty much sums it up.  :)

lastly, we moved on to coloring… which means mary and i colored and luke and danny played with the balloon.  i drew a picture of africa with a heart on lesotho and wrote "we love you, baby!" mary hung it on her wall so she could always remember where our baby is from.  tonight i really wanted our baby home.  i always want our baby home, but if i'm honest, it's not always at the forefront of my mind.  (i don't think i could emotionally survive if it were)  tonight, i really wanted our little family to be complete.  i can't wait to include our baby in decorating cookies, dance/worship nights and sibling fun.  

it was a fun night that i don't want our family to forget.

but just to keep it real, in case you are thinking our house is always full of smiles and mushy family moments… luke got in trouble three times this morning for telling mary she would be put to death (thanks haman and mordachai)  ;)  we still have a long way to go in the family love department.  

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Emily said...

Oh my! I love it! Your kids are amazing. And could you not keep a straight face disciplining Luke for sentencing Mary to death?!