Monday, June 30, 2014

instagram upload

bath time with our cute friend, chaira.  not sure what happened to luke!  ha!

my boston boy

happiest birthday, mary!  she's 5!

dancing in the elevator mirrors with maya and jakin

carts are small here.  notice luke's forehead wound.  that boy is rough!

fun times with mary and maya

this was a pizza hut.  yep, he orders white rice instead of pizza.  my half indonesian boy.

cutie on easter

happy easter from the pierces… he is risen!

baller.  straight baller.


one of the many wars on ants in my kitchen.  very little brings me more joy than watching them eat the poison!  

leslie and phil are married… and i got to "be there"!  

first day of big kid school (without mama)

the treasures brought by the phillips… yummy!!!

mary coloring during worship… worship through art  :)

luke always playing and singing along

file in, children.  we were a sight to see!

jet skiing with the kiddos!  so fun!  just like the days on the lake with the my aunt and uncle, kathy and steve!  :)

sibling love and the new mohawk!

luke and jakin: buddies.  they love each other!  

playing before maya and jakin head to america for baby brother's birth!  we love y'all!

mary and eli in their papua outfits for the end of year performance 

family photo at end of year performance

mary's long awaited birthday package came… just a few months and few too many dollars later!  :) 

luke greeting some gardeners… i couldn't help but laugh!

making a monster...

and a castle.

and lastly our new hair cuts… "matchy-matchy" short hair, as mary requested.

and in case someone was wondering… these are the two photos that i brought to the salon.  this is what i told the guy i wanted.  about three inches off and a totally different style.  the good news is, hair grows… and i'll be going to america in a year and i'll get a hair cut there.  :)

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