Saturday, June 21, 2014

mary: 5.2 years old.

i haven't done an 'all about mary' in a year and a half.  sad!  she's changed so much!  you can read about her at 3.6 years old here.  it's funny to read because that is about how old luke is now… they are such different little humans.  this may bore some of you… but i want to remember these little things so here it goes.  mary at 5 years old.

I love her.  The girl can talk right now!  I mean, occasionally I wish for a mute button for her constant commentary and questions, but she is learning and thinking and usually I love to hear her thoughts. :)  

Things she loves:
Reading.  I’m teaching her to read through the book “How to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.” At first I was pretty inconsistent and it was a challenge!  We were also doing it right after she got home from school and it was just too much for her!  Now we do it before bedtime and it’s our special time together.  She loves it and it is so cool to see she is actually reading!  We’ve also recently started chapter books with her.  She loves that too!  We’re on our second reading of Anne of Green Gables.  I forget how cute the story is… I think I like reading it to her just as much as she enjoys it.  We also started Charlotte's Web and she loves it so far.  I’m looking forward to getting into some of my childhood favorites with her.  

Drawing.  She’s kind of obsessed with drawing these days.  She could easily draw for a few hours a day… and I have the stacks and stacks of pictures to show for it!  I love hearing the stories behind her art work.  It is always very detailed and she loves explaining the story.

 It’s fun.

some of her drawings from the last few days...

All things pretty.  She loves dresses, jewelry, makeup, princesses, headbands, flowers, sunsets… all things beautiful.  It’s amazing how that is just in little girls.  she got a new dress from a friend and she loves it.  Last night she said “I’m afraid people might like my dress.  Do you know what that means?  That it will be a blessing to them if they see me in my pretty dress.”  I died.  We’re working on the humility part.  J  she always wants to wear makeup if she sees me putting it on… which is usually only when I go to the mall or church.  
dress up with her buddy, maya… and notice how "accessorized" she was to go to the mall  :)

Imagining.  She is still into her “people” but not like she was 6 months ago.  She plays with polly pockets and the random people she’s collected.  She loves to create families, parties, school, weddings, and bedtime.  She is such a collector it drives me crazy.  She knows I want to throw all of her 'treasures' away but if it can fit in the 'laundry basket of treasures' under her bed she can have it.  She can use anything to make beds, homes, zoos, or toys for her 'people'.  This little imagination of hers often puts her in her own world, no matter where we are.  She will often be pretending something as we walk through the mall and I have to stop and let her gather the food on the floor and prepare it and feed it to her (whatever) she is caring for.  Meanwhile people are watching her bend down, 'prepare' something in mid-air and feed it to nothing… and I'm just smiling.  It's hilarious.  I love her imagination!  And I love that she can pretend an entire little world out of nothing… like she was doing on this stone wall.  :)

She occasionally has these imaginary 'brothers' and sometimes they are called sons.  I love to hear her talk about it… it cracks me up!  Their names are shadrach, meshach, abednego, cash and the others remain unnamed.  Sometimes there are daughters too, mary, mary magdalene, and martha.  They only 'show up' occasionally but the stories she creates with them are amazing. 

Lukey.  She loves her brother.  I mean, they fight all of the time! but they also have so much fun together these days.  Something switched about 2 months ago and they all of the sudden play really well together.  Again, they fight a lot and I'm constantly intervening but they also can play together.  They play soldiers, puppy, hide and seek, and color.  They love to play rough and chase each other and scream (which makes me crazy sometimes!).  They are silly together and will laugh so hard at one another.  Since they have been playing together honestly sometimes they make me crazy, because they are so loud and rowdy.  But, I love it also. I love to see them making one another laugh, playing together and loving each other.  It's so sweet.  There is something about living in Indonesia that makes their relationship all the more special.  Our little family is here and we don't have a lot of community, so fostering our family community is a really high value for us.  I love to see it in my kids.  

Things I love about her. 
She is sweet.  She often thanks me for things out of the blue.  Like “mom, thank you for working hard and making dinner tonight.” Or “thank you for making this pretty blanket for me.”  She also is really into “time together”.  She always asks if we can have a little “time together” when luke takes a nap. 

She worships.  She doesn’t do it all of the time, but occasionally she busts out in spontaneous worship.  She’s sing about how good God is and how much He loves us.  About how she is so thankful He’s forgiven our sins and has blessed us so much.  I pray that she is one who sees God in the little things in life.  I wish I did more.  I pray that God gives me more sensitive eyes to see His goodness and presence in our daily lives, and that my heart worships as a result.  I pray that this is something that is usually for her from an early age. 

she loves the bible.  we do a bible video each morning during breakfast in hopes to train them that we start our day having time with God.  she loves the videos and she also loves reading her Bible.  the girl has a memory!  sometimes she amazes me with the people of the Bible she remembers… confession: i have even asked her for different king's names.  :)

parenting details about her now:
she's just started with a bit of an attitude towards us when we give a command.  we're trying to really take care of it now, rather than let it grow… but it can be difficult.  

she wouldn't be considered the definition of brave… at all!  i can get really frustrated with her about it but i try to be patient.  we working on getting her face wet (i mean even splashed… we're nowhere near going under water), riding her bike at a normal speed, and trying new things.  

she hardly naps at all but we try to enforce a little "room time" in the afternoons.

she goes to school from 8-11:30 and is just starting to speak more indonesian.

and she has the asian pose down.

mary, i love you more than you will ever know.  i love having you as my buddy, i love your sweet heart, i love hearing about the funny, imaginative worlds you create and i love talking about Jesus with you.  i pray that this year you will know the love of Jesus in a real way, i pray that you will know that your heavenly Father is near to you and loves to talk to you and hear you talk to Him.  you are a gift, my love.

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mullenla said...

this made me cry! i love this precious little girl...and miss you guys so much!!! i can't believe how grown up she is!