Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mary and lily

this is mary and lily. they are great buds and have been since, well, they weren’t even a thought in our minds. meghan, lily’s mom, and i lived together when we were engaged and have walked through these fun stages of life together. they now have a baby boy (sam) also. the girls love each other, and especially love one another’s baby brothers. yes, we are constantly talking about sharing and refereeing them, but i know that if they had the capacity to be selfless (which one day they will) they would be to one another. :) lily is really affectionate and mary concedes occasionally. this is evidence.

my sweet girl on the big kid swing... with stickers on her sausage legs. love.

perfect picture of lily's fun, spunky personality.

this isn't a great picture but it is one of my favorite memories of them actually playing together, like really interacting and entertaining one another. they were playing "boo" at the park and lily would turn her head around and make mary laugh. they died laughing for about 10 minutes. it was SO cute!

this will be them again in 15 years, driving down the road together talking. most likely there will be only one steering wheel (and which side of the car it is on will depend on if we're still living in indonesia or if we're back in the states) and hopefully one of them will be looking at the road when they are driving. hopefully.


Lauren said...

Lily and mary are adorable!!! ah!!

Lauren said...
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Emily said...

So adorable! GREAT photos, Lisa!