Sunday, May 8, 2011

my mom...

i feel like i become more and more thankful for my mom with each passing year. i'm thankful for the way that she consistently seeks God, walks in community with Godly women, prays for her family and is open to whatever God has for her future. i'm thankful for the way that she loves, supports and honors my dad... their marriage is one that i deeply respect. i'm thankful that even though i have lived away from the family for the last 11 years and am about to go even farther away, she has made an effort to stay involved in my life and supportive of each step of the journey. in four years i will have gone from being single to married with two kids living in indonesia... and she has been served me through every transition.

though my thoughts of parenting are filled with training to obey and share, one day mary will grow up and when she does i want to be there.... i want to know her friends well and be family to them, to move her into her apartments, to provide of one of the most fun weekends of her life when she gets married, to talk her through recipes 4 days a week, to help her care for her newborns, to take her toddlers for a few days, to be there when she moves to the where ever God has called her, to provide a home that she loves to come to. these are a few of the things my mom has done and i hope to as well.

lastly, my mom loves my children. i LOVE that she knows them, wants to spend time with them and enjoys the little things about them.

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Becs said...

Your Mom is a blessing!