Wednesday, May 23, 2012

mary is THREE!

mary turned three over a month ago and i've wanted to take "3 year old" photos of her since then.  unfortunately, she got two big fake tattoos on her arm on her third birthday and she wouldn't let me wash them for about two weeks... and i didn't want the tats to show in the photos.  and now i've finally got around to doing them.  i'll also be documenting the normal things of her life right now... so if you're bored, sorry.  :)  this is our family scrapbook and i don't want to forget.  

our three year old.

mary is funny, welcoming, loves a party and a crowd.  could have guests here all of the time.  she can also be found playing happily by herself.  she's very social and has pretty even emotions.  she also very quirky and unaware that everyone here is constantly watching her... so she does things like, sing an indonesian song over the loud speaker at wendy's or do a full out dance in the grocery store or go on a walk with her rolling suitcase through our neighborhood.  

mary eats cornflakes (all the other cereals are about $8 a box, literally!) or oatmeal every morning.  she loves peanut butter and jelly (that's my girl!  i ate one every day until i was about 17... and now i eat them almost every day again), plain yogurt, apples, oranges, random indonesian fruit, raisins, m&m's (was her potty training treat), french fries, white rice, tempe, pizza.  she goes to bed around 8:15pm every night and sometimes sings/talks in her bed for 45 minutes.  it's cute.  and she used to wake up around 8am and then after she was potty trained that changed.  tear.  she doesn't have a consistent wake up time now... could be 5:50 or 7:30am.  she still naps about 1.5 hours a day.  

some of the things that mary has loved this year... 
she seems to go in phases, gets obsessed with something and can not think of anything else for a few months and then gets over it.  she used to love her guitar and would sing ALL.DAY.LONG.  then, she loved exercising ALL.DAY.LONG.  it was good for me, i did a lot of exercising that i didn't want to because i was trying to be a good mom.  :)  luckily, she's almost over that.  she will still do it with me if i initiate but she doesn't asked to do it at 6:15am... and every other hour of the day.  i'm not sure what her next "phase" will be.  she seems a bit more varied right now but maybe she just testing out the waters to see what she wants to obsess over next.  she loves swinging, playing with blocks, coloring, basketball (or any sport with a ball), loves puzzles, playing matching games, stickers and jumping/wrestling on our mattress that is still in the middle of our living room (going on three months).  

mary loves to read her bible!  she's gone through a few favorite stories... creation, abraham (and isaac and jacob), joseph, lazarus and Jesus' death and resurrection.  she often wants to pray for lazarus that he won't be sick anymore.  :)  since easter her favorite has been the death and resurrection of Jesus.  it's about 10 pages long with a few sentences on each page.  last week she said she wanted to read it to us and we didn't think she would do more than a few key points.  well, she had almost the entire thing memorized... even words that aren't yet in her vocabulary.  it was SO sweet.  she gets a really excited, high pitched voice when she says, "and suddenly Jesus was among them!"  and yells "he is risen!"  we pray that one day she will really understand this Truth and be forever changed by it. 

conversations with mary have us cracking up every day!  she loves to try to talk like an adult, mimicking me or danny and bossing us or luke around.  tonight it was, 'hold still luke, don't move.  i'm putting your hair in a pony tail."  some of my favorite phrases from her...

"i not won't do that more-gin" after being told not to do something.
"oh my goodness, dat amazing!"
"otay, otay?  say otay mommy" as she is bossing us around.  :)
"last night..." meaning any time that has already past.  even if it was a few months ago.  
"you have to obey God, mom." like when she wants me to listen to her or asks for something ridiculous like ice cream at 9am.  it's hilarious.  we always correct her, don't worry.  
"why you make that noise mommy?" as i'm running with the double stroller uphill and trying to sing them a song... i was panting, really heavily.  she always asks that i not make that noise... and then i ask that she sleep later and let me run alone!  :)  
"luke, you want some milk?  you want mama?" crouching down, using her mom voice, trying to comfort him.  such a sweet big sister.
"but when i get so big..." with arms stretched out and face so serious... usually has something to do with drinking coffee, wearing my shoes/cloths, driving a motorcycle, etc.  

she's always asking ridiculous things or saying something off the wall and then says, "nnooooo" with the cutest little smile.  she's really developing her own little humor.  

when she asks for something with a sharp tone or not too polite, i reminder her to change her tone and it's this immediate, too sweet and high pitched tone, with her head turned to the side and a smile... "may i please have more milk, mom?"  or whatever.  it's hilarious because it's like a little different person comes out.  mary, you can be polite and not overly fake.  :)  but, i'd rather her go overboard on the politeness at this point, so i don't complain.  :)

mary loves people.  she easily connects to people, remembers names and asks about them.  this past weekend i had a good college friend visit for 2 days and i hadn't seen her in 8 years.  mary thought finny was her best friend by about hour 6.  she loves having people in our house.  she loves the kids here, both american and indonesian, and often talks about my friends, people at church, her teachers, family in america.  it's one of the things that i love about her.  one of the things i've prayed since she was born is that she would be one who is inclusive, who sees those that are outside and seeks to bring them in, who knits people into God's community.  she's obviously not there yet, but i hope that this love for people will be developed by God into something that reaches many of the 'outsiders' in her life.  

her indonesian language is increasing by the week also.  it's so fun to hear her say something new!  she even says little phrases sometimes.  some words that she frequently uses... (translated into english) about 10 colors, counts to 10, rain, sleep, eat, milk, where?, walking, rice, careful, here, thank you
baneesee = permisi,  meaning "excuse me"
aku mau, meaning "i want"
tidak bisa, meaning "i/someone can't"
mau pulang, meaning "going home"
she is in school right now and though the teacher can speak english and helps her out i'm sure, she is learning a lot of indonesian from school.  she's always singing new songs and tonight at dinner she prayed in indonesian (it was the little prayer they do at school).  she had a hard time going for a few weeks but now she loves it and asks for her teacher on the weekends.  i'm looking forward to seeing her language grow this next year as she's exposed even more.   

a few weeks ago she went from total scribble to actually drawing people.  it's so cute!  totally stick figure, but with all of the important features.  she loves to do "kwafs" too... crafts, that is.  color, glue, cut, glue some more, beads.  she just started asking me to write words with little dots so that she can trace the letters.  i should probably get one of those books.  she knows quite a few letters these days, which i'm assuming it from school because she just keeps coming up with more.  

mary, we love you more than you'll ever know.  i love this stage of your life.  you are my little buddy, you make me laugh, you ask me good questions about life, God and people.  you remind me to have a good attitude and choose thankfulness (sometimes because you're reminded by me).  :)  you delight in little things.  you are compliant and a delight.  we will continue to pray that you will be a woman who knows that you were created by a God who loves you and knows you and that your life is ultimately for His glory.  we love you, baby.


Kim Deric said...

Bored? are you kidding me? I so love reading your posts, Lisa. They inspire me, convict me, make me laugh, make me cry (good tears!)...such a joy and blessing your posts are!!! So amazing to watch God work through you and your family!

Sarah said...

Wonderful, wonderful post, Lisa. So precious to here about Mary and her adorable personality!

Ok, on to the photos: they are just beautiful! I can see you've really been working on your back-lighting. You've got it down! Great job!

Emily said...

Lisa, your photos are gorgeous. Mary is beautiful and so funny to read about! she is such a fun girl. Send me your address!
Love you,

Luke said...

I can NOT wait any longer to see Luke and Mary. It is killing me. They are so precious. I hope they are looking at our pictures everyday so they don't forget us. I am excited to see you and Danny too. Love you guys!