Monday, May 21, 2012

the milk roller coaster

luke + milk = the emotional roller coaster of a teenage girl

luke could not be more content with his morning milk.  he literally starts moaning for it before we get out of his room and once he gets it doesn't stop drinking until it's gone.  he loves his milk!

then comes milk drunk.

and now the milk is empty and this is what happens...  yelling in frustration and wanting more...

me still taking pictures so not refilling his cup up yet...  then he cries.  

then, he throws the cup.

and then he gets more and is content and showing his beautiful eyes again.  

a few disclaimers... 

a. i usually hold him while he drinks his milk but today was special because...

b. the sunlight was coming perfectly on our back porch and i wanted to experiment with early morning back lit photos.  obviously a good reason not to hold him.  

c. sorry about the weird lighting in the frustrated pictures... like i said, i was experimenting.  though the faces aren't that clear, it really was an amazing capture of his milk emotions.  

d. though i joke about his emotional outbursts, we are working on teaching our little emotional guy appropriate ways to express his frustrations and needs.  i'm reading a book that i highly recommend (loving the little years) and here is a quote from it.  "If your son in his high chair is struggling with anger about his vegetables (or in our case, milk) you should be seeing the high school boy acting out after a lost basketball game.  Give him the tools now that he will need then."  so, though luke is only 17 months old, we want to take seriously the responsibility to teach him how to have self control, of course in a way that he is developmentally able right now.  not an easy road, but one that we daily walk.  :)  

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