Friday, September 21, 2012

baby luke, the dribbler.

my boy loves to dribble, and is pretty good at it, if i do say so myself.  when we left america about a month ago he could dribble a few times in a row.  now, he is over 30 times easy.  and he's trying fancy moves.  you will see at the end of the video he is attempting to go behind his back (which he can not do... yet).  last week he started a new move which we have yet to catch on video.  he dribble, dribbles and then does a 360 turn and keeps his dribble up.  don't know where he got it but it was hilarious the first time he pulled it out!  and he was proud.  

we're hoping that this passion turns into something amazing... like something that means he can actually go to college without 60k of debt.  

2 comments: said...

Some day we will be able to say "We knew him when...". That's awesome and soooo cute!!

Luke said...

Can you say child prodigy. I can't believe he can do that. When he was here just a couple of months ago, he would dribble 3 or 4 times, very aggressively, at the most. I miss you guys.