Saturday, September 29, 2012

smallest state

though we've been out of America for two months, i'm still catching up on what we did there.  there are two things that can be taken from this... we were really busy in america and did a LOT of stuff (true) or i'm really busy here and haven't had time to do much (also kind of true).  i do intend to get back to frequent blogging.  as i've said many times, this is the sole memory keeper for our family.  i do not want to depend of my terrible memory to remember my kids childhood or tell them about it.

SO, on to rhode island.  our family got to spend the night at danny's older brother's house and the next day we had a family get together.  they have two boys almost the same ages as our kids, so it was good times... and crazy.  we let mary stay up with ryan (who is a night owl) and we finally made mary go to sleep around midnight, though i'm pretty sure she could have happily talked our ears off for another few hours.  it was a fun night with our families though.  the next day, all of the pierce clan made their way to rhode island.  

ryan and dylan have a lot of the fun, big toys that we just can't get here (or bring here) so my kids were happy and entertained!  and they have an amazingly fun backyard with a swimming pool.  it's a kid heaven.  it was awesome!  

auntie kim looking very cute and serious with luke, who loved the basketball hoop!

and uncle tim helping luke with the hoop

and on to soccer... in case it's never been clear, luke loves all things involving a ball!  and tim was such a great sport about it!  in fact, yesterday luke picked up his bat and baseball and started saying "tim, tim?" wanting tim to play with him.  thanks for taking all of those balls to the face, tim!  :)

and mowing the lawn... 

not sure why luke was on the big one and mary chose the toy for 9 month olds.  i think she looks so funny on that little thing!  but she liked it... she's more timid so less power was a good thing to her.

i'm sure mary was communicating something very important and serious to teddy, by the look on mary's face... and i'm pretty sure teddy was just being a good sport and listening to mary's 12 minute explanations of nothing.  the girl loves to talk.

mary and ryan cooking together.  and mary letting me know that my coffee was ready.  oh, the day that she actually can make my cup of coffee (and bring it to me in bed).  i mean, i can dream, right?!? 

mary and ryan tickling.  cuties. 

and dylan being cute with his dad, kevin.  unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of all the kids together (which is not too easy) or of dylan and luke playing together.  they aren't really at the age of playing together yet... they more just want each others' toys.  maybe next time. 

thanks so much, kevin and leanne, for having us at your house.  it was so fun for us and the kids!  until the next pierce reunion... 

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