Sunday, September 30, 2012


 happy 33rd birthday (15 days late) to my love.

our little family on danny's birthday.

our family doesn't have a great history of celebrating birthdays... i mean, we celebrate but it's usually very low key (which i like).  this year felt really busy around danny's birthday and i hadn't done much planning.  luckily my mom came to the rescue and made a wonderful meal and cake for us and some friends to celebrate danny.  that's good because this year may have been so "low key" that i may have stuck a candle in his rice that night at dinner and had the kids sing happy birthday.  :)  

mimi, eli, and mary ushering in the cake

 danny with his birthday gift from our leslie, ben and carolyn... BACON!!!  that's special in these parts of the world!  :)

and, my favorite picture of the night... 
i have no idea what luke is doing but i do love that stance!  and i love that leslie is in the bottom right falling over laughing at him.  he is just starting to really know he can be funny and make people laugh... and he likes it.  he's a goof. 

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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Danny!!