Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the posers.

while in FL i took a few photos of the kids while they were playing outside one day.  these kids crack me up!  we'll start with will and hudson.  the two who obviously love to pose for the camera.  their poses are cheesy and not my style of photography, but how could you not love these poses?!?  :)  

you're a handsome one.  

and, the close up  

you're handsome too... and your own bird.  

a beautiful little girl... and she's showing some love to my asia connection by giving the peace sign... we all do it here in asia.  :)  

my favorite to photograph (because he's too young to know about cheesy poses for the camera).  and, look at that joy.  

hiding from the camera between his daddy's legs 

and the mother of these beauties... 
KELLEY: my fun sister-in-law with an unbelievably contagious laugh.  oh, the memories.  

and LUKE, my older brother... making fun of his wife's pose for the camera.  :)  he's usually a little more handsome than this but i couldn't help but show this one.  please forgive me, luke. 

and, i couldn't complete the post without featuring my other brother and sister-in-law, 
clearly, kathryn is hilarious also.  one of my favorite things about michael and kathryn is the way that michael genuinely thinks his wife is funny... and rightly so.  again, please forgive me for the photo, kathryn.  :)


Sarah said...

those kid pics are really great :)

Joy Phillips said...

so cute...that one of isaiah in the grass is amazing!