Monday, April 1, 2013

an unplanned reunion!

another fun surprise in bali was that we got to see our good friends from boston!  bethany emailed a few weeks ago and asked if we could make it to bali in march because they were planning a trip (they moved to australia a few months before we left for indonesia).  i was thrilled when i realized that our conference that was already planned were the same dates they would be there.  then, the day they arrived we realized we were staying in the same hotel and didn't plan it.  so fun!  

it was so fun for me to be with a friend from my boston life!  our kids are about the same ages and really connected and loved playing together.  it was especially fun for us mamas to see our kids becoming friends again.... they had already forgotten one another (tear), but picked right back up!  

mary and izzy contemplating life as they look out to the beach.  :)

the kids were really into these duck floaties that this man was selling on the beach.  we did not buy one but they entertained the kids for a bit.  

and then the woman selling meals from the box she carried on her head walked by... and you remembered that though bali is full of modern things and many, many white people, we are still in indonesia.  :)  

this is a terrible picture but i just had to document luke and myla.  luke got so excited to see myla each time we were with them.  it was so sweet.  she is a doll!  and, another thing in this photo is evidence of the constant cheek grabbing.  do you see that random blue and pink sleeve above his head?  you can hardly see it, but her hand was behind his ear and she was about to go in for the cheek grab, without luke even knowing she was near him.  i'm sure what followed was a protest from luke.  he's not to into random people grabbing him these days.  :)  

i was so surprised and thankful that we got to spend so much time with our friends!  we thought we'd just grab dinner one night but since they were in the same hotel we had a few breakfasts together and late afternoon swims.  it was so refreshing to be with their family.  definitely a little gift from God.

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