Monday, May 4, 2015

Mary is SIX

on April 15th we celebrated our baby girl turning six.  she seems so big these days!  i kind of would rather keep her tiny forever… but i love the conversations and independence that is coming with age.  
the celebration started with a little party at school.  the birthday girl stands at the front, the kids sing to her and she sings a song to them also.  last year, she would hardly sit in front of her class… this year she was proud to sing to them and was so excited she busted out in awkward, white girl dance a few times.  that's my girl.  :)  

a student is asked to lead the class in prayer for the birthday girl too.  sweet kids.  

then all the kids come up and give her their present and a hug.  except two little boys gave her kisses on the cheek!  it was hilarious!  i don't think she knew what to do… we haven't really entered the world of kid crushes or anything like that so luckily, she just giggled and we moved on.  i'm so glad i was taking pictures because her face (and the happy boys' faces) were hilarious after the kisses.  :)

family picture.  

these are the teachers from the two kindergarten classes.  mary absolutely loves school and a lot of that has to do with these fun and kind women.  so thankful for great experience she has had with them!

then, i'm not sure what happened but something funny.  i just love this little series of their interactions.  they fight quiet a bit, but they are the often the best of friends.  i love it!

then we had a little party at our house for neighbors and friends.  the pictures are terrible (our house is so dark and small that it's not easy to get photos in a crowded room)… but here are a few.

that weekend mary and i went away for a girls night.  she was so excited!  we got a hotel room, put on make up, ordered room service, did a lot of swimming, talked and watched a bit of disney junior.  she loved it and felt so big and special.  i loved it too!  

mary, we love you so much!  


Claire said...

So great. All of it.

Emily said...

Lisa, Mary is so beautiful!!! And I love the school she goes to... such a sweet environment and teachers and kids. Wow.