Monday, June 22, 2009

And Sometimes, Mary's Head Falls Off (& a Couple Other Random Pictures)

We've joked about it before on this blog, but sometimes Mary's head tilts so far to the side that you think it must be attached incorrectly. I'm sure this is true of all babies, so I have yet to be alarmed.

That is, until the other day, while Lisa was feeding her and she kept falling asleep. I'm pretty sure her head disengaged from her shoulders. Take a look.

Pretty remarkable if you ask me. Almost as remarkable: Mary's head disconnected from the rest of her body and all Lisa could muster was a fake smile.

I have nothing special to say about this next picture, except that she's a cute baby in a cute polo dress. I can't believe I, Danny Pierce, just said a pink polo dress is cute. Something's happening to me...

And now for something completely different, I was fooling around the other day with the settings on our camera and came up with this: Mary's belly button in sepia tone.

That's almost as exciting as the picture of her big smile that Lisa put up in our last post. Almost.


Neave said...

Um, do I have your permission to put that belly button shot as my desktop background photo?

danny said...

Sure. In fact, feel free to use it on your family Christmas card this year.

Gibsons said...

Mary Elisabeth is in agreement with you Danny, the pink polo dress is cute!