Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mary Loves the 80's

This past weekend was our friend Sarah's 80's themed birthday party. We had 80's music blasting, trivia (our team, Reaganomics, lost), Atari games and, of course, 80's garb (well, everyone but me, that is). So, Mary donned some leg warmers and took some pictures with our 80's friends. Anyway, enjoy the pictures (complete with reference jokes and accompanying video links for those who don't get them).

Daniel-san stopped in on his way to the All Valley Karate Tournament. Immediately after this picture Mary proceeded to sweep Daniel-san's leg and get him a body bag. Too bad we didn't get that on camera.

Then Devo came in to play a few numbers for Sarah. While Mary despises their music (seriously, what were people thinking in the 80's?), how can you pass up the chance to get your picture taken with an iconic 80's band?

Here's Mary with the generic "preppy everyone wanted to beat up in the 80's."

After hours of begging, Mary finally gave into Iceman's requests for a picture, despite Iceman's concerned for how unsafe she is every time she goes up in the air.

Finally, here's a picture of Mary with the 80's girls, fresh off shooting a Cyndi Lauper video.


Becs said...

HEy Lisa, Its becs! I am so happy you have a blog and I found you on facebook. Mary is adorable! Its my favorite name too! Our little one Delaney Mary was born on Jan 16. Come by my blog sometime.

lisa said...

i love your blog. i'll have to keep updated now. mary was born at st. elizabeths. it was a rough go... 34 hours of labor and a c-section that i could feel (the medicine didn't really work that well). terrible! but, we are happy to have mary and i'm convinced that the next delivery has to be easier! :) when did you leave boston?