Saturday, June 13, 2009

An experiment...

So, a few weeks ago we decided that we were going to try to get Mary to get rid of her 4am feeding and move it to 6:30am. We have read that you can give them their pacifier if they wake up and they should go back to sleep. So, we did it and it was beautiful!... for about 5 days. Then, she started waking up every 30-45 minutes because it fell out. I tried many things and nothing really worked. We live in a very small Boston apartment so if Mary is awake groaning (she doesn't really cry, just groan/talk loudly) we are awake as well. So, I decided to shut both doors and move the noise maker into our room so we could sleep and see if she could put herself back to sleep without any assistance. Don't worry, I did a sound test before... I could still hear her is she cried. The first night she was awake for about 30 minutes. And, being a mom, of course I was awake and wondering how she is doing the entire time. But, last night I only heard one peep at 5:15am and then she was off to sleep again until 6:30 (unless the noise maker blocked out her moaning earlier...). Anyways, I am hoping that the experiment remains successful and she will be sleeping a solid 8 hours at night! Yahoo!

Mary is making some big progress these days...everything is big progress when your 8 weeks old! She smiles often, loves music, watches us across the room, turns when we talk to her (sometimes) and started hitting the toys that was dangling over her head. She loves to lay on her little playmat with toys dangling down. She will be content for 30-45 minutes... it is wonderful for me! :) She is such a joy to us! She has been a very content and happy baby so far and we feel so blessed! Oh, and she isn't hurting in the weight gain department! Her double chin is featured below.

And here is me (post-run and pre-bath) and Mary (post-bath)... oh well.


Becs said...

Your last picture/comment cracks me up because I still consider it a successful day in our house if all 3 of us girls are able to bathe :)

Congrats on the progress with Mary! She certainly looks like a happy, healthy baby!

Knecht said...

Good for you guys for toughin' it out and getting her to sleep a little longer!!! She'll just keep adding hours!