Thursday, June 14, 2012

porch and poo

i've been lazy with my camera this week... cell phone pics again.  :)  luke and i were sick last week and i'm finally almost at 100% a week and a half later.  that's my excuse.  

but, we were having a good old time on the porch together a few days ago.  they play together more and more.  mary is such a sweet big sister to luke (most of the time) and he thinks she's awesome (usually).  i love watching them interact and make each other laugh.  

what, you don't like my hair like this?  

luke's hair could be like this almost any time of the day... the boy just sweats!  

and in other amazing news... mary pooped on the toilet two days in a row... without me forcing her and without any tears.  in fact, we didn't even know she was going.  i haven't talked much about the BMs of my oldest child, but i tell you what, i had to give up trying to get her to go for my own pursuit of holiness.  i would get beyond frustrated with her.  we'd try for hours and then she'd go in her undies or on the floor or while sleeping. anyways, i took all pressure off and yesterday when i was out i got a phone call from her saying she did it!  i thought it was maybe a fluke but it happened again today.  oh Lord, please, let this be forever.  :)  

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Emily said...

Yay, Mary!!! Lisa, you are my inspiration in the pursuit of holiness... in all areas of your life you pursue it. Way to go.