Friday, June 1, 2012

recent phone pics...

mary and i on one of our "mommy dates"... which usually includes going to the corner store to buy a snack and driving the motorcycle up the hill to a special spot.  she loves it.  :) 

danny found a bacon wrapped, cheese filled hamburger here.  he was pretty happy!

the beauty that we see everyday here.  i love the mountains all around us!

mary trying on some glasses with my dear friend, finny, who came to visit.  we had a blast!

luke being posed to take a picture with some indonesian kids that we don't know at the market... he was clearly very into it.  

date night, eating shark sate.  yummy.  danny and i have started having a date night every week and it's amazing.  i'm so thankful for the time we get to go out, talk and enjoy the fun stuff that our city has to offer.  i highly recommend date nights.  :)

last weekend i did a "health walk" with my friend, vera.  i got there at 5:45am and waited for an hour for it to start (should have known it would be late!).  then we slowly walked for about an hour with thousands of other people and then it ended in a big party with a lot of fried food.  i'm still not sure how it can be called a "health walk" but i had a really fun time.  i was the only white person there and it was probably one of the times that i was the least noticed.  no one asked for a picture with me... except vera.  :)

me and my little man.  that is the fourth bruise he has had in that spot.  he's a tough one.

knocking over his tower of blocks.  knocking things over... that's one of his many gifts. 

that's all from here.  a little piece of our everyday life.  :)

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Neave said...

CLASSIC photo of Danny with the bacon-wrapped burger.