Saturday, June 16, 2012


mary in her little school uniform.  so big and oh so cute.  

and i have to show the back just so you could get the full effect of the ginormous shorts!  :)

at school with her teachers and some buddies.  it was the last day of class and hardly anyone came and those that did didn't wear their uniforms... of course i wait until the last day of class to try to get pictures.  there were 9 kids in her class, not 3... and they usually all had on the cute uniform.  :)

this was the special party day... do you see my kid's sweaty hair.  apparently they did a dance party that day and they said she jumped and danced for 20 minutes straight.  i don't know where she gets the sweaty gene from?  ;)

wonderful miss vinda.  

this was mary's teacher.  we are so thankful for her!  mary loves miss vinda!  usually asked to see her on weekends and would run up to her, give her a big hug and they would say "i love you" to each other every morning.  after the first 2-3 weeks of mary crying every time she got dropped off, that is. :) needless to say, we were thankful when they bonded.  it was a big step for mary... she ended up going into a class of kids all older than her, they use mostly indonesian (though the teachers can speak english too), and she's never been dropped off at anything like that.  

we are really proud of the way mary adapted to school.  she just went to school for the last 7 weeks of the year but she still learned so much... learned most of her letters, a lot of numbers, and a lot of new songs in indonesian.  our main goal in having her there is language and socialization with indonesian children... she still has a long way to go, but made great progress!  she frequently has us repeat prayers after her that she learned in school (in indonesian), she always sings her indonesia songs and she understands and says new phrases and commands almost daily... but she was still pretty clueless if they read a story in indonesian or do a whole lesson in only indonesian.  :)  she sings a song call "yesus sayang semua" all of the time... it means, jesus loves everyone.  like, we'll be walking down the street, on the public transportation, in the grocery store and she's singing her heart out.  i pray that once she understands what she is saying she will be just as confident it the Message.  

all in all, we had a great experience at kidsland and look forward to starting school again in august!  

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