Sunday, April 7, 2013

family basketball time

our most frequent family activity.  basketball at the outdoor gym.

sometimes mary gets over playing basketball and does things like feed her babies.  do you see her bowl and yellow spoon at the bottom of the picture?  she was feeding a baby.  :)  she also frequently makes pretend food, sweeps and stares out the window.  but, i must say, her dribbling skills are improving... she is even dribbling without looking at the ball (sometimes).  

and since we're capturing real life on this blog... here is luke being very luke.  not sure what he was upset about but he can melt into full tears in a matter of moments... and be laughing just as quickly (usually).  tonight mary caught danny and i hiding our laughter as luke came sobbing to me after danny kindly asked him not to push mary.  it was funny.  :)

all of this basketball playing pays off though.  i think it's safe to say that luke is possibly the only 2 year old with actual perfect shooting form.  he has a one handed shot and flicks his wrist to get the back spin.  it doesn't go very far yet... but it will.  :)  his dribbling skills are still pretty astonishing for a two year old also.  every time someone sees him they try to convince me to post it on youtube.  i'll start with the blog.... video coming sometime soon.  (done bragging now... it just makes me so proud as a basketball playing mama).  :)

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