Wednesday, April 24, 2013

instagram and sideways trash truck

here's the day to day of our family lately... 

mary and luke in the front seat together... that was a bad decision though it was for about 3 minutes.  luke enjoys pushing her head with his.  

underdog on the swing!  

mary's class field trip

my little helper, with her baby in the cart (of course)

my girl... love her.

family basketball time.  

afternoon finger painting

luke loves to wash the dishes!  he can easily be there for 15 minutes.  :)  

mary telling her "donkey" that she has come to fight in the name of the God of Israel.  :)
luke is ready for a little ride.  he can finally keep his head upright with his helmet on.   :)
ready for a swim in mary's new hello kitty goggles
downton abbey.... the amazing thrasher film!  and, can you tell me when the golden age of thrasher films was!?!  didn't know there was one.  

lastly, here is a photo to show the craziness of the streets here.  usually it's pretty easy to follow the flow of traffic here... motorcycles can be anywhere, people don't usually look before turning onto a main street and just follow the car in front of you (not the rules).  i'm totally used to it and feel very comfortable driving here.  but, when some kind of wreck or road damage happens here (there are OFTEN large potholes)... well, it's just handled very differently than it would be in the States. photo example above.  this is a two lane road that we travel on everyday... just down the street from our house.  to the left is the area garbage sorting station, and then big trucks come and take it away or something.  well, one of those big trucks tipped over in the middle of the road a few days ago.  this is what happened.  cars coming toward me snuck to the very small space to the right and continued driving.  cars going my direction just drove off the road, onto the garbage sorting area and also continued driving.  as you can see, the little black honda couldn't make is over the ledge so random men just pushed it right over.  no police, no one stopped traffic or tried to help get the truck out of the road... people just continued as if there wasn't a massive truck laid out sideways across both lanes of traffic and trash all over the road.   anyways, there's a little glimpse into the streets here.  

oh and i meant to take a picture of the hole on our road a few days ago.  unfortunately it's already fixed.  all of the sudden there was a massive hole in the street that clearly continued under our neighbors driveway.  it would have been really dangerous for a motorcycle.  but, don't worry.... they put a piece of bamboo in the hole sticking a few feet up and put an empty potato chip bag onto so that everyone would beware.  some traffic officials might think that's crazy... i prefer to think that indonesians are very resourceful.  :)

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karen said...

You know that Danny also likes to push other people's head with his head! It was his defense as a kid because he was smaller than they were, but his head was bigger, hahahaha