Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i love boston.

i have nothing new to say about the events that happened at the boston marathon yesterday, but i feel like i must mention it.  while living in boston, the boston marathon was one of my favorite days of the year.  i've never run the whole thing (but i intend to one day) but have run many miles helping friends accomplish an amazing goal.  it makes me so sad for the runners, spectators and the many people whose lives will be forever changed because of these terrible events. 

it makes me long for our Savior to return... to conquer sin and death, to bring His people to the new heavens and new earth, and to restore all things... including the many broken hearts and bodies.  praying that the God of all comfort will meet the many people hurting today and that they will know His presence and peace that is beyond comprehension.  

to end on a note to celebrate boston, my favorite city on earth.

i love boston because...

the life and activity that surrounds the charles river
the friendliness of people in difficult events
the short talk and strong accents of locals
the church culture that longs to show Jesus to their city
the amazing restaurants
the free events that the city holds for its residents
the boston common and everything about it
the red sox, celtics and patriots
the way the people love their city
the four seasons (though winter is too long)
trader joes and two buck chuck
community of faith christian fellowship
the way neighbors help during blizzards
driving on storrow drive
the weekend hay market
the parcel 7 parking garage
my dear, life long friends that live there
the running community and many road races
and lastly, that i got to wear winter clothing  :)

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