Wednesday, April 3, 2013

he is risen!

this is mary yelling "He is risen!" 
we had a nice and quiet Easter this year.  we attended our early morning church service, had a time of refreshments afterwards, a little easter egg hunt and then headed home for the day.   mary knows the real reason we celebrate Easter from us (and her Jesus videos) so we did a lot of role playing Jesus in the tomb and rising from the dead in weeks leading up to Easter.  it made for an interesting Easter service because she recognized so many of the words/phrases being sung or preached... and she asked a question about every single one of them!  we eventually had to pull her out because she was so loud about her questions.  she was really excited to celebrate "He is risen!"  our kids aren't really exposed to easter eggs, bunnies and lots of chocolate because it just isn't really celebrated here.  but, she has seen a veggie tales video that mentioned eggs and bunnies so she was excited about the Easter egg hunt.  luke, not so much.  he wasn't really into the eggs this year.  

here are the kids after the hunt.  notice their Easter baskets?  yeah, being the awesome, prepared mom that i am an Easter basket never even crossed my mind.  luckily our friend just happened to have to extra is his car.  so, there is mary with her cute dress (thanks, mimi!) and a camouflage easter basket.  she didn't care.  luke of course loved his soccer basket and did more kicking than collecting.

when it started i immediately picked up an egg and showed luke the candy inside, thinking it would motivate him to pick them up.  i put the egg in his basket and encouraged him to look for more.  he grunted at me, took it out of his basket and threw it back in the bushes.  i laughed.  sometimes that kid's mood can really kill a situation. :)  luckily i had a little brother that was just like that, and he's wonderful now so i'm not afraid of luke's cranky moods.  and, luckily luke has a big sister that is beyond sweet to him (sometimes), just like my little brother had.  ;)

we are so thankful for this time to remember the death and resurrection of our Lord... and that He is victory of sin and death and that we have the promise of life with Him forever.  

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