Wednesday, April 17, 2013

happy birthday mary!

mary's big day started out by going to school.... which she was super excited about because she knew i going to bring cookies at snack time.  i came in just in time for their little celebration of mary.  it was really sweet.  

they all sang happy birthday and mary's teacher prayed for her.  i love mary's school. 

that evening we gave mary her present... a "new" bike!  she was so excited.  here she is on her first ride with danny.  then our team came over for dinner... and we forgot to sing happy birthday to mary.  but, everyone said it.  :)  

then today we took mary to the international school gym to let her practice on her bike some more (the street in front of our house is half rocks and full of pot holes... she can't really ride on it).  she did so great and LOVES her new bike!

then today we had a few of her girl friends over for lunch and playing.  it was pink theme.  i realize every time i do something like this... well, it just not my thing.  :)  i also realized that she didn't care at all that the table was color coordinated and i made pink sugary popcorn.  note to self... order pizza and sit on the floor next year.  

mary and her cute little friends 

confession: we forgot to sing happy birthday again!  so, we never sang it to her this year.  luckily she didn't notice... though this picture kind of looks like she's mourning the fact that there is no candle on her cupcake.  in reality, she was exhausted and needed to nap (which of course she never did today)... she was just "be right back" as i call it.  

i'm going to write more about my wonderful four year old soon... but for now, here's the record of her celebration!  we love you, mary!!!

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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Mary, and to you and Danny too! You did a great job on the party! It's a surprisingly stressful thing, but you did great :)