Thursday, May 9, 2013

gak mati, yesus hidup!

mary had her little school performance last week.  it was really cute to see her up there with her little friends... even though she hardly whispered her "lines."  but, she did have some gusto when she was singing her song!  "gak mati, yesus hidup... ya hidup di dalam ku" was the sound track of our house for the last few weeks... luke even learned the song and motions with her.  a direct translation: not dead, jesus lives. ya, lives inside of me" 

mary and her buddy eli had their performance part together.  they mixed colors together... mary was silent and eli was the talker.  here he was saying "come on mary, say it!" 

danny snapped this photo of the kids and their moms posing for the class picture.  don't we blend right in?  ;)

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