Sunday, May 12, 2013

pak sate!

we love sate.  sate is chicken on a stick with a delicious peanut sauce.  we found a guy that makes it near our house and it's probably our favorite place to eat as a family.  it's fast, extremely casual (obviously) and delicious so the kids eat happily.  win, win.  and, there are no options.  it's just chicken and rice.  4 portions chicken, 3 portions rice and 2 sprites every time.

the other big win is that now we know the guy and he loves the kids, especially luke.  luke pretends to make sate all of the time.  he sees a cereal box or cookie tray and automatically starts waving it (like the fans pictured below) and says "make sate."  pak sate, as luke calls him, sees luke coming and runs in the back to get an extra fan for luke to use.  it's so sweet.  here is luke helping him make our dinner.

yummy sate!

 after dinner luke even got to sit in pak sate's chair and fan the chicken.  he was so excited!  oddly enough, this little hole in the wall is going to be one of the things we miss most about living in malang.  praying we quickly find another sate place near our new house in surabaya!  :)


Courtney said...

I love this snapshot of your life!

Alland Dharmawan said...

Is that at Siboen?

danny said...

Alland, it is Pak Siboen on Jalan Kawi. Our favorite.